2006 Midwest Music Summit

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Musical Family Tree Showcase

Musical Family Tree Compilation : Delicious BerriesMidwest Music Summit kicks off today and the Musical Family Tree Showcase is at Locals Only this Friday August 11th. I'm definitely gonna drop by and support my local scene and many of it's artists. I hope you can too!

The Musical Family Tree was set up for artists in Indiana and surrounding states to form some community, share music and ideas and simply get to know each other. The mission of Musical Family Tree is simple: To collect and make available quality independent/underground music in hopes of exposing it to a larger audience. We start with our friends in Indiana and see where they go.

5:00 Everest (ex Neenah Foundry)
5:40 The Humans
6:20 John Dehner
7:00 Resting Rooster
7:40 Phyllis
8:10 Jeremy Jay (acoustic)
8:30 John Strohm and Bo Butler (of the Saturdays)
9:00 Eli McCormick (acoustic) (ex. Intro To Airlift)
9:20 Vess Ruhtenberg with Tina and LP - It Is Good
9:50 Silver State - Under The Rug
10:20 Panic Attacks (Richard of Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos) - As Beautiful As Ever
11:00 Mysteries of Life - Three Things At Once
11:40 Gentleman Caller - Carry Too Tall
12:20 Brando - Get their cover album here
1:00 The Vulgar Boatmen - You And Your Sister

Musical Family Tree has also released a compilation in coordination with Luna Music. It contains songs from 19 members of the association. This was a tough one to put together because the association has a couple hundred different bands now that make it up. You can find out more about it here or go ahead and buy the Musical Family Tree Compilation Delicious Berries here. Try these and I bet you'll want it...

Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos - Waking Up And Walking Out
Emperor Penguin - Overboogie
Heidi Gluck - Wake Up

The big bold sound of Kelley Mcrae

Kelley Mcrae is up today for a number of reasons. First off I requested the cd, second she's playing the MMS this weekend and thirdly I love her. Well maybe not yet but let me listen to her new cd, Never Be (Sonablast Records) a couple more times and see her live this weekend and it could be fait a compli.

Kelley has a sound like that of Patsy Cline which of course means a bit like KD Lang. She has a truly huge and powerful voice that is well served by her original gospel/blues songs of desperation and hope (the production on this record by JD Foster is equally great letting one hear every nuance of her voice as well as the myriad of instruments used - accordian, Wurlitzer, and organ). This is music that has faith but not music necessarily of any particular faith. In that way it reminds me of the band Ollabelle. There have only been a couple of reviews of this new June 13, 2006 release but the ones I've read mention the song "Johnny Cash" as the standout track but it's been hard to pick just one song from this record. The song is a eulogy and a sort of call to action. A Euloy or a man who loved his wife and a cll for us to feel that same love.

You can buy this June release here at CDBaby. Come to Indianapolis for MMS and catch Kelley at the Monon Coffe House on Saturday August 12 around 6pm.

Johnny Cash

Bonus track



Brown Shoe @ MMS

I thought Id slip this post in a bit late, after all, MMS starts today. But Brown Shoe doesnt play until Saturday @ 3pm at Indy CD and Vinyl.

Brown Shoe
You wouldnt know Brown Shoe were from Southern California unless someone told you. The sound that bursts from your speakers though has more of a midwest vibe to it. The first time I played the CD from these guys I thought of My Morning Jacket, the reverb was a big reason, the harmonies etc. But I soon realized that while these guys are steps behind MMJ, their sound is catchy and smooth enough to warrant some attention.

Smooth, yeah, thats the word that describes Brown Shoe well enough I guess, I got through this album pretty quick and thats rare considering the amount of new music I listen to on a daily basis. Ive also heard these guys are a must see live. Have a listen to a young group of guys called Brown Shoe.

Also you can purchase "The Wheat Patch" on CD Baby

Brown Shoe on MySpace

Brown Shoe - Analog

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Songs from Mandao Saenz' beautiful record "Watertown"

You probably haven't heard of Mando Saenz yet but perhaps you will hear more about him soon. He reminds me of Radney Foster or Robert Earl Keen. He's a Texan so that probably explains the sound and the influences. His record Watertown came out in early 2005 so keep you eyes and ears open for Mando Saenz. Here's a preview of Watertown...

Mando Saenz plays at 3:30 pm at Monon Coffe on Sat. August 12.


The Love Experts (Undertow label showcase)

One Of the best label nights will be the Undertow showcase on Sat. August 12 at the Oasys Mobile Stage. You can catch Steve Dawson, Magnolia Summer, Waterloo, Glossary and the Love Experts. Here's what I've got on just one of these bands.

Cuba Street is the new ep on Undertow from perfect popmeisters The Love Experts. Hailing from St Louis, The Love Experts are more of a myth than a band. Led by Steve Carosello, the band has been around in one form or another since 1988. This is their debut cd.
love experts pic 360

Here's two songs from Cuba Street including the title track.


Cuba Street

The unassuming pop Chris Koza

Chris Koza has felt the love from a number of blogs when he sent out his new record for review in early 2006. His brand of power pop was just what some of us needed to beat the hype of bands from like Cold War Kids and fill in the blank _______. Chris Koza opens the night at the Upper Room On Friday August 11.

Matt from YANP beat me to the punch; man he's fast. But in this case I'll break one of my cardinal rules and add to his brief post with my own selection from the new record Patterns from Chris Koza. I'll also second Matt's opinion that this record stands out from some of the recent music that has shown up over the last several weeks. It's not revolutionary in any way and unlike other recent releases doesn't take any big chances musically but sometimes you just want to listen to Duncan Sheik over Jeff Buckely, Jewel rather than Ani Difranco and Hootie instead of Radiohead (well, maybe not that!).

Here's another song from Patterns delivered in much the same staccatto rythym as "Midnight Rose" (available over at YANP). Order this now from Chris' webstore. Labels can contact Chris (chris@chriskoza.com) to license this polished, self-released disc.

View From a Pier

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The real folk shit - Otis Gibbs

Otis Gibbs is the real deal; a long haired, tattoed, communist country-folk singer. This is what Woody Gutherie would sound and look like if he was alive today.

Otis is based out of Indianapolis but I'm guessing that doesn't really matter to him as he has been hoboing across the world for decades. He's planted 5000 trees along the way. Since his 2004 release One Day Our Whispers; he has transplantd to Nashville, Europe and a few other parts in between. Otis has been in the studio working on his latest release (Untitled) with some of Nashville's legednary players. Here's one from the new one (2004) visit his MySpace page for more streaming songs from his catalog.

See Otis Friday August 11th as part of MMS at The Jazz Kitchen, or at the Electrovoice Main Stage on Thursday August 10 with his full bluegrass band.

Get Me Out Of Detroit

Dr. Octagon aka Mr. Nogatco aka Kool Keith

Kool Keith : Nogatco Rd.

Dr. Octagon at The VogueKool Keith is back with his latest alter ego: Mr. Nogatco on his new release Nogatco Rd. (Dr. Octogon spelled backwards). Keith has a had an up and down career, but he is always inventive and original. You can guarantee he is going to push in new and different directions. Nogatco Rd. is spattered with rock and electro beats and strong hip-hop production. It was produced by Iz-Real (of the MF Doom aka Viktor Vaughn release Venomous Villain). Kool Keith's MySpace.

Dr. Octagon will play The Vogue this Saturday, August 12th as part of Midwest Music Summit! Mudkids & Twilight Sentinels will open the show.

Mr. Nogatco - Live Dissection (feat. Sage Francis & Sole)

Headlights - Kill Them With Kindness

Headlights : Kill Them With Kindness

HeadlightsHeadlights are releasing their debut album on Polyvinyl this month. My buddy, Matt Picasso has been talking it up for a while, and with good reason. Matt prompted me to check it out, and as usual he was right, it's pretty fantastic and full of great songs. Headlights is close to home for me, hailing from only an hour or so away in Champaign, IL. The band features ex-Absinthe Blind (Parasol Records) and Maserati (Kindercore) band members. Their sound mixes all sorts of goodness - keyboards, pedal steel guitar, violin, glockenspiel, electronics and boy/girl harmonies. I suggest when August 22nd rolls around, you check it out.

Headlights - TV

Monday, August 07, 2006

Murder by Death @ MMS

Murder by Death is a semi-local band that has been seeing some serious press lately. They're from just south of Indianapolis in Bloomington. They recently stopped by WOXY.com's Lounge to play five songs and do an interview. They are about to release their 3rd album called In Bocca Al Lupo on their own Tent Show label.

For fans of bands like Man Man, The Decemberists, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash.

Murder by Death - Brother
WOXY.com Lounge Act

Find mp3s from their previous works here.

Indiana's Murder by Death layers the vocal sounds of an old saloon with the haunting strings of an Hungarian folk dance and the hard driving rhythms of pure rock n' roll, producing what Stuff magazine has called "lush, orchestrated songs," somehow simultaneously reminiscent of Johnny Cash and Radiohead. Added to that thick and intriguing sound are a series of dark and ironic lyrics, combining the mood and tone of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with the narrative force of the Decemberists or a short story by Nathanial Hawthorne. Adam Turla fills out these sometimes frightening, sometimes beautiful lyrics by conjuring up a cast of character voices, allowing the songs to speak with the force of the characters themselves, and providing the listener with a sense of ensemble unique in rock music. - website

Silversun Pickups @ MMS

Silversun Pickups

Kids, this new Silversun Pickups album, Carnavas, is outstanding. Truthfully, I'm not a good enough music critic to express all the aural pleasure created by listening to this album. Full of fuzzy guitar, reverb, deep bass grooves and synth beeps and bops, combined with lead singer Brian Aubert's rasp, these songs are great from beginning to end. Carnavas is their first full-length effort and it's due out July 25th on Dangerbird Records. Picking a couple songs to feature almost seemed like an impossible task, as there really are so many good ones. They're hypnotic and create such a melodic soundscape and/or atmosphere. Some are blissful and some are hard-charging, but all come together to create a great album. Silversun Pickups' MySpace.

I saw these kids at SXSW and was impressed, but am so much more so after listening to Carnavas. They'll be playing The Vogue with Margot And The Nuclear So & Sos and Murder By Death.

Silversun Pickups - Well Thought Out Twinkies

More Catfish Haven

Catfish Haven working for The Ice Cream Man

I've mentioned Catfish Haven on here before, but just wanted to share this great pic. This past weekend at Lollapalooza they helped the Ice Cream Man run his truck after their set.

They will be playing twice at this year's Midwest Music Summit. Catfish Haven's MySpace

Catfish Haven - Crazy For Leaving

PLAYBACK:stl/BMI party @ MMS 8/11!

Don't miss the PLAYBACK:stl/BMI party this Friday at MMS, held at the Stone Mug Cafe from 1-7 p.m. We've got two stages of killer entertainment, plus free Schlafly beer and Hot Box pizza. See you there!

1-1:30 Sons of William
1:50-2:20 Lorenzo Goetz
2:40-3:10 Jon Yeager
3:30-4 The Its!
4:20-4:50 The Envy Corps
5:20-5:50 Extra Blue Kind
6:10-6:40 Hot IQs

1:25-1:55 Stephen Fiore
2:15-2:45 Geoff Koch
3:05-3:35 P.David Hazel
3:55-4:25 Miles of Wire
4:45-5:25 Matt Hopper
5:45-6:15 Jason Michael Thomas

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lunar Event wins.

Congrats to Lunar Event for winning the artist Wristband contest. Im sure their college radio package will go to good use. We know for a fact the booze will.

1. Lunar Event
2. Wolfy
3. State
4. The Elms
5. 19Clark25

Friday, August 04, 2006

Its a Dead Heat

We have been hosting a band contest of sorts for the band that sells the most wristbands by midnight tonight. It involves some promotion, booze and pizza.

Its a dead heat with The Elms & Lunar Event tied for first. Wolfy is following in a close second and tied for the 3rd is State and 19 Clark 25.

more soon!

Friday, July 28, 2006

A whole slew of songs from Chicago based artist Cameron McGill

In the last year or so I've written as much about Chicagoan Cameron Mcgill as I have any other artist on Songs:Illinois. Cameron plays MMS on Thursday August 10th at the Upper Room. Here's what I said over the last 12 months edited so it makes some sense in this context:

Thanks to Cameron McGill and his press agent at McClusky and Associates I've had his new record Street Ballads And Murderesques for close to a year. I've been sitting on it (don't worry it's not bent) waiting for there to be a link to purchase it. It's now available so here are my thoughts.

His live show (which impressed the unwashed hordes at CMJ) now features a full band with cello. While Cameron is safely within the walls of the singer-songwriter encampment, his songs, which range from 5-7 minutes, are not your usual folky fare. Verse chorus verse structure apparently doesn't do it for Cameron, so instead he's delved deep into his personal history as well as his own mythology to come up with a sound that of course will continue to be compared to Jeff Buckely and Bob Dylan but rightly should just be his own. Here's a couple from Street Ballads... Which came out in February of `06 and is available now online here and here.

What You Wanted
Worry About A Thing
We've Been Trying

Here's my first post about Cameron originally posted to Songs:Illinois in January of 2005:

I tried and I tried but I just don't get it. The vocal theatrics, hipster chic, and caberet music. It's not my style. Strange then that I like these live songs from Cameron McGill. These were taken from the seventh annual Jeff Buckley tribute show held at Uncommon Ground in Chicago last month.

Lover You Should Have Come Over
Lilac Wine

Cameron McGill Stories Of The Knife And Back
Long Way Back To California
What The Hell