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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Kentucky Struts

Kentucky Struts
Being in Cincinnati, there are times I trumpet the Midwest and all its greatness. Our indie rock scene is flourishing in recent years so its hard not to. However there are plenty of opportunities to also boast about the southern influence just across the river in Kentucky. Now, im not a country music fan, more of an appreciator from afar I guess, but occasionally a band comes across my radar with a little extra twang that I really enjoy.

The Kentucky Struts
probably wouldnt describe themselves as a country band anyway. Id say they
fit the Americana tag well though. They seem to be able to transition from a hot dusty tune to a revved up rocker seamlessly. Todd Lipscomb sets the tone with lead vocals and songwriting while The Ass Ponys' Dave Morrison and former Over The Rhine drummer Brian Kelly keep up the pace.

Gotta love this quote from Lipscomb, describing the Cincy scene.....

"Original music is basically underground here. This city is built around P&G and the Reds and Bengals. People go out to hear their favorite songs and drink a shit-ton of beer, and we don't play 'Brown-Eyed Girl.' "
The Kentucky Struts are playing MMS on Thursday August 10th at around 10pm @ Stone Mug Cafe. Be sure to check em out.....

  • The Kentucky Struts- Lucid

    Purchase the Kentucky Struts debut album

    The Kentucky Struts on MySpace


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