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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stephen Yerkey's oddball americana roots music (Amazon called this record one of the most unique of 2006)

I'm increasingly on the receiving end of an email that starts out something like this "such and such artist has a new record coming out and Songs:Illinois is the perfect place to expose him/her to a new audience". Sometimes there's flattery and praise of me and Songs:Illinois which is always very effective btw. Meanwhile I know that somehow the label/pr group/marketing agency has probably used some clever bit of software to make it appear as if I'm being singled out when really the email went out to the rest of the 2500 othe mp3 bloggers.

However the most recent case was really effective because I'm sure I'm the only one on their blogger list to have the debut record by the artist being promoted. The artist is Stephen Yerkey and I remember buying his last disc, confidence, man, 12 years ago and listening to it for awhile and thinking how stangely interesting the music was.

He could be easily compared to Tom Waits, Leon Redbone, Bob Dylan, or even Tom Petty and that's not because he necessarily sounds like any of those artists but just that his eclectism is umatched except for by the very few established artists that can say fuck you to the establishment and it's rules. So twelve years later and a lot of water under the bridge on March 7 his followup to confidence, man came out and of course it's got the creatively challenging title MetaNeoNatureBoy (it's on the English label Echo - home to BRMC, Feeder and Roisin Murphy). Buy it here through Amazon.

Stephen Yerkey (ryhmes with Jerky) will be playing what to me is the best show of the festival when he appears at Connor's Pub with Apollo Sunshine and Rev. Peytons Big Damn Band on August 10. Listen to the two songs below and tell me that won't be a cool live show.

Cadillacs Of That Color
Songs Put Things


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