2006 Midwest Music Summit

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

There's A Horse In The Hospital

Video: Aliens ( The Return of Dr. Octagon)
Seeing as how I grew up listening to Sex Styles and Dr. Octagonecologyst, it brings good vibes to my bones as I announce that Dr. Octagon will perform at the 2006 Midwest Music Summit.

Dr. Octagon - August 12, 2006 @ The Vogue

From World's Fair:

Kool Keith AKA Dr. Octagon, is most renowned for being in the seminal, old school NYC hip hop trio, Ultramagnetic MCs. Hailing straight out of the mean side of the Bronx, Kool Keith has redefined the conventional hip hop styles and introduced a warped, bizarre take on the genre. Always one to court controversy, Kool Keith records under many guises, often confusing and surprising his audience. Finally, back again to shock and thrill us after years out in the wilderness, Dr. Octagon, goes straight for the jugular with the release of his highly anticipated new album, 'The Return of Dr. Octagon'. Spliced and diced together by the man, Kool Keith, himself and slickly produced by clued up production trio, One Watt Sun, this looks set for some playlist domination.


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