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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The big bold sound of Kelley Mcrae

Kelley Mcrae is up today for a number of reasons. First off I requested the cd, second she's playing the MMS this weekend and thirdly I love her. Well maybe not yet but let me listen to her new cd, Never Be (Sonablast Records) a couple more times and see her live this weekend and it could be fait a compli.

Kelley has a sound like that of Patsy Cline which of course means a bit like KD Lang. She has a truly huge and powerful voice that is well served by her original gospel/blues songs of desperation and hope (the production on this record by JD Foster is equally great letting one hear every nuance of her voice as well as the myriad of instruments used - accordian, Wurlitzer, and organ). This is music that has faith but not music necessarily of any particular faith. In that way it reminds me of the band Ollabelle. There have only been a couple of reviews of this new June 13, 2006 release but the ones I've read mention the song "Johnny Cash" as the standout track but it's been hard to pick just one song from this record. The song is a eulogy and a sort of call to action. A Euloy or a man who loved his wife and a cll for us to feel that same love.

You can buy this June release here at CDBaby. Come to Indianapolis for MMS and catch Kelley at the Monon Coffe House on Saturday August 12 around 6pm.

Johnny Cash

Bonus track




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