2006 Midwest Music Summit

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Brown Shoe @ MMS

I thought Id slip this post in a bit late, after all, MMS starts today. But Brown Shoe doesnt play until Saturday @ 3pm at Indy CD and Vinyl.

Brown Shoe
You wouldnt know Brown Shoe were from Southern California unless someone told you. The sound that bursts from your speakers though has more of a midwest vibe to it. The first time I played the CD from these guys I thought of My Morning Jacket, the reverb was a big reason, the harmonies etc. But I soon realized that while these guys are steps behind MMJ, their sound is catchy and smooth enough to warrant some attention.

Smooth, yeah, thats the word that describes Brown Shoe well enough I guess, I got through this album pretty quick and thats rare considering the amount of new music I listen to on a daily basis. Ive also heard these guys are a must see live. Have a listen to a young group of guys called Brown Shoe.

Also you can purchase "The Wheat Patch" on CD Baby

Brown Shoe on MySpace

Brown Shoe - Analog


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